Outdoor Fireplace

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An outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to enjoy a warm, cozy fire outdoors.

At Integrated Outdoor Designs, we specialize in custom-designed fireplaces that are perfect for your needs and preferences.

Our clients have the freedom to determine the shape and size of their fireplace – firebox sizes typically range from 36″ -48″ wide or beyond and 24″ -32″ tall. Fireplace sizes range from 8’-15′ in height. We also offer linear, arched, off-the-wall, and square fireplaces!

Material options include variations in stone, stucco (any texture), and metal insert firebox for a traditional built one with firebrick. So whether you’re looking for a traditional fireplace or something more modern, we’ve got you covered. Our professional team will also build and design your fireplace according to your specific needs.
Add some extra warmth and style to your outdoor space with a fireplace from us!

Fireplace FAQs